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Anniversary of America’s First Military Defeat of Islam Passes Quietly By

April 27th marks the anniversary of a great American military victory, yet most citizens in this nation are simply unaware of the date, and the implications of the event.    On April 27, 1805, First Lieutenant Presley O’Bannon, a United States … Continue reading

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Motives for Kansas Highway Shooter Jihadi a Mystery to Law Enforcement and Media

Recently in Kansas City, Missouri, police arrested the young man they believe to be responsible for a string of shootings at vehicles along the highways of that area. His name is Mohammed Pedro Whitaker. This incident recalls another string of … Continue reading

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Easter, Jihad, and Silence from the American Pulpits

As the Christian world celebrates Easter and the resurrection of the savior Jesus the Christ, Islamic Jihad wages across the globe. Christians in places like Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Turkey, Iran, North Korea, Central Africa, and Europe are persecuted for … Continue reading

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