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Al Arabiya Gives More Objectivity to Brennan Report Than U.S. Media

US News used Hamas operative Ibrahim Hooper, the spokeman for Hamas in the United States (aka “CAIR”), to discredit the Brennan report. Of all the media outlets which looked at this story objectively, and gave it tacit support, Al Arabiya… reading

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The Totality of the Threat, John Brennan, and the Evidence

Friends, In the swirl of the news stories following my interviews regarding the facts that make John Brennan unfit for government service in the National Security apparatus of the United States, few places in the media understand the issues or … Continue reading

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Media Unable to Discern Fact from Fiction Regarding John Brennan

In the aftermath of my interview on the Tom Trento show last week, some in the media seem unable or unwilling to grasp some basic facts about the threat environment in America these days.  In response to numerous omissions in … Continue reading

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Brennan’s Terrorist Associations, Gross Ignorance, and Lack of Candor Make Him Unfit for Duty as CIA Director

Amid the Administration’s rush to:  apologize for and disregard America’s founding principles; financially and militarily support America’s enemies like Hamas and other Muslim Brotherhood entities (read “Egypt”); embrace noxious regimes like Iran; handle the assassination of the U.S. Ambassador in … Continue reading

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